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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Land Rover

find it here

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

On the Road again

The Garage called, Van was ready for pickup. So left Soundcraft at Noon and drove back to Cardiff

Issue was that the guy who had fiddled with my Injector pump in Summer forgot to fasten it propperly again. Turned out at that time the issues were in the old and brittle wiring and not the pump, so he forgot to tighten all screws again.
So it worked itself lose and then the drive shaft snapped. I now have a new pump.
I collected the Van, returned the rental car next door (very handy) and drove back to my House in Wales to spend the night there.
Next morning started at 8 to Dover, took the ferry to Calais and drove to Luxembourg.
In Belgium torrential rain started and after a few miles the engine started to make the same issues I had a Year before. This time I knew what it was. The wiring loom. There was nothing I could do now. So next morning drove to Switzerland in Limp Mode.
Back here on the next weekend I temporarily fixed the loom and Van runs fine again.
Once it gets warmer I will replace the whole chunk of the loom.

Monday, 3 January 2011


Plan was that on my way to Dover to catch the ferry, I would stop in Potters Bar near London and spend a week in the offices of Soundcraft to discuss things and processes. Monday was a Bankholiday so I started my journey in the afternoon to spend the night in a Hotel in Potters Bar. After I just entered the M4 close to Cardiff Gate the Engine of the T4 cut out

It took 1h for the tow truck to arrive, not bad on a Bankholiday. I thought he would tow me to a garage. No! He just brought me 4 miles to the Carfdiff Gate Services. Here I waited 2h for the AA man to arrive. He looked and 30 seconds later he said he couldn't help. That was what I told them in the first place. I need a workshop.
So again 90 minutes waiting for the tow truck, the same truck by the way and he brought me to a Garage recommended by the AA Driver. Even so it was Bankholiday these guys opened their garage for me.
I spend the night in a Hotel and next morning took rental car and went to Potters Bar. The repair would take at least till Friday.

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