My brother Achim always wanted to come over to the UK for a bike trip.
In June 2008 it finally happened.
He and his good pal Markus came over to tour the south coast of England Cornwall and Wales.
Unfortunately we only had a few days.
So I came up with a list of locations of beauty, a meeting point and a place to sleep for the first night.
The rest would be sorted while we go along.
We agreed to meet at Clacket Lane Services on the M25 at noon of the 10th of June 2008.
Early in the morning I went to my lock up in Essex to collect my bike.

As usual I was far to early and arrived at Clacket lane a good half an hour before Achim and Markus.
They had crossed the channel the evening before and stayed in a B&B in Dover.

Once they arrived we took the usual photos

and set off to our journey direction Glastonbury where we would spend the night in the Backpackers Hostel.

We had quite some time for the trip and Markus wanted to get hold of a rain cover for his tank bag.
We got one somewhere along the M3, forgot where.
Next stop Danebury, the Iron Age Fort.

Not especially breathtaking but if you stand there on the embankment and think that this is a settlement nearly 2000years old .....
While at it we did a quick stop at Stonehenge

the tourism has a big impact on the feel of the site. It feels a bit like Disneyland.
But again, if you sit down and think of the age of the site ....
From here we went to Glastonbury and straight to the Hostel.
Achim and Markus had to watch the footy, the Euro Cup.
The Hostel itself is infested with New Age disciples and wannabe witches..... yuck!
We made the fairies go away with an Indian dinner and plenty of beer and stout.

Next morning I treated Markus and Achim to a full English Breakfast in England's Top Restaurant Chain...... Little Chef.
From there we went south to the coast to Lime Regis

From here we had to eat up some miles of A roads just to make it to Penzance before the night.
Following the Jurassic Coast would have been the other option but would have to drop Cornwall what is a big NoNo!
On the way west we came across a little sign pointing to a village at the coast.
I guided my guys in that direction just for this once in a lifetime photo opportunity

In Penzance we booked ourselves into the Youth Hostel

and we went down to the promenade to get some food and find a pub the would show the footy.
The restaurants on the seaside looked horrible and the prices were not from this world.
Hidden away in a side road we found this little Fish'n'Chips shop that served local beer and was really really good.
And prices like a chippy. Fantastic. The Capatin's Fish Bar

We then went to the Alexdandra pub for the footy.

Next morning after quick Breakfast at the youth hostel we set off for Lands End

Like Stonehenge this area turns more and more into Disneyland. But the scenery is fantastic.

From Lands End we went up North East to Tintagel. Another must have seen Place along the Cornish coast.
If you follow the little roads along the coast the drive will be stuck in your mind for ever.
The little roads, mostly single tracks go up and down with hairpin bends of up to 360 degrees. Amazing.

Here we had a nice original Cornish Pasty the size of a saddle bag each and a creamed tea.
Filled up and not able to walk any further we manned the bikes and set off to Bude.
Here we asked at the Tourist Information for a Hostel and found a really good one
Northshore Bude Backpackers Hostel
We dropped the bags off changed quickly and went down the road to the Pub to have dinner, Guinness and Footy.

Next morning we made some miles up north east, had a quick Breakfast at a typical Burger Van

Ham and Egg Roll, freshly made is like Heaven ....
And on we rode to Bristol and over the Severn Bridge into Wales.
When the traffic on the M4 became ridiculous I took the liberty and went north to Abergavenny.
We stopped at the Market Place and I called a B&B that I had saved in my phone.
The Brynhonddu Country House Bed & Breakfast in the Brecon Beacons.
I stayed there before a couple of times while Househunting in Wales.

The next morning after a freshly cooked full Welsh Breakfast, the same as a full English but slightly going upwards in the end ..... ;-)
Anyways, after the breakfast we set off to the Llanthony Priory

And further on thru the Brecon Beacons ...

.... down to Treherbert, where I just bought my little House.

Unfortunately I hadn't got the keys yet so we set of to Avebury, to the big Stone Circle and to spend the last night together in the Youth Hostel.
Quick stop at the top of the Rhigos, 3 miles from my house ;-)

And off to England following the A465 and A40. Then a few miles before Oxford take right down south to Avebury

After asking a million of people and searching for Hours we finally found the Youth Hostel.
Unfortunately we had to share the room with an Aussie that was drugged out off his head and started to urinate in the room in the middle of the night, while talking to his different personalities. The Hostel Owner was of no help so we had to force the fu**er to shut up. Hardly something that you can call a restful night.
After the breakfast we head east, back to Clacket Lane Services to say goodbye.

Achim and Markus made their way over to Dover and I went back to Essex to put the bike in the lockup.
The evening I spend at Aluns House in Burnham and drove back to Thame the next morning.
All in all a really nice tour but far to short.
Hope the two can make it over again and I show them a bit more of Wales.