10 September 2011

I went back to Britain to attend the LRO Show in Peterborough and do some other things in Wales later.
They say it is the biggest Show in the UK

There were quite a few Land Rovers on the car park ;-)

Not all are sure how long their car is .....
One big reason for me to go to this UK Shows is the second hand jumble
tons of useful stuff
for little money
neat idea. Roof bed on the roof rack ..... but the weight so high ....

the ultimate desert Land Rover .....

or better get one like this for the dunes?
the Land Rover Club Displays are also great
plenty of things to think about
101 Forward Controls
Series Ambulances
More Series
and ons Series 88 that was washed too hot
Nice colour scheme ________________________ and something different
G4 Display

Smurf G4 Display

Nice Brakes
cool cars
giving a hand to some youngsters
Lightweight nicely refurbished
all the big online shops were there too
Some good ideas on how to pack your car for a journey
another lightweight
and another Tomcat
more Club Displays
Camel Trophy Club
and whoops, that wasn't meant to happen
at least I wasn't the only German on the show ...