Got myself a new run around.
A VW T5 Bus
Here the pictures from the Advert.
Not sure why the color magically drew my in ...... ;-)


And here when it finally came home

Santa Claus was here ..... :-)

15 February 2014

As it looked like the wrong Oil was filled in at the last service, I did my usual and gave my new ride a nice liite oilchange. Now I'm sure the correct oil is filled in.
These first generation R5 engines without factory fitted DPF need the older Longlife II oil as it would react to some of the ash reducing additives in the later LongLife III oils.
Unfortunately an all too comon mistake most VW Garages do.
And I have to say, I'm quite dissapointed by the german engineering that went into the decission where to mount the Oilfilterhousing. Doesn't make me proud to be german after seeing that.
Anyways all sorted now.

Then I started a little game of Van-Tetris ;-) Tried to load the KTM to see what space I will have and so on

This rear bench is a really heavy fucker. And actually I don'y need it. Goes up for sale

Rear Bench and Single Seat removed
slight height issue here with the Nav gear on the bike, the height of the roof crossmember is the same as on the T4. So I knew it would be an issue
Ratched tiedown and the fork pulled down
first tried front first but that was a bit awkward to secure propperly. This way I can leave the double bench in the Back. Result!
Then I really needed to give the van a few personal touches. Old Orange side repeater
swapped with Clearglass LED Repeater
And it even works

these rural rear lights look a bit normal

so clear glass LED ones
not too shabby I think
certainly looks different
and they are bright from behind