The Land Rover One Ten Build 1988

I did it!
I was sitting about and was watching the Discover Real-time Program 'A 4x4 is born' by Mark Evans when it struck me.....................
I need a Land Rover!
I was always fascinated by these rough square and unbreakable vehicles. I saw them first in Daktari with Judy the chimp and Clarence cross-eyed lion. I was six and said to myself that I want one of these cars. Than I forgot it till Mr. Evans stirred it up again.

My next step was to investigate a bit further about this car. The Daktari thingy was a Series Model. But anyways I found out that Land Rover made more than just one Model. After checking comparing reading and dreaming I came to the conclusion that I need a Defender but an early one, so I concentrated on the Defender that is no Defender, the pre-defender types named the 'One Ten' and the little fellow the 'Ninety'.
Why these.......? Because they are cheaper ;-)
Nest step what wheelbase? 110" or 90" (actually its 92 but that doesn't belong here)
The Ninety is the better offroader, but the One Ten offers more load space and the possibility to sleep in it.
I asked a couple of Defender owners that crossed my ways (they are quite common over here ;-) ) and finally made my mind up.
I want a 'One Ten'

A quick scan thru the well known online sources brought up numerous opportunities.
The best one was a 1988 One Ten County Station Wagon upgraded with a later 200TDI engine advertised at the well known online auction site.
It was advertised with horrible pictures and the very honest text of the seller said:

"What a Project !
Here is a Land Rover County 110 Station Wagon.
This looks like it was pulled out of the river!
All panels are corroded ( I didn't think aluminum rusted!). The bulkhead and windscreen surround is rusty.
The interior is scruffy and dirty but looks to be all there.
The car drives remarkably well, a friend of mine tells me it is fitted with a 200 series engine. The gear box and transmission seem fine.
The car has just been MOT tested so it just needs a tax disc to drive away.
Please only bid to buy, collection within 3 days. As this vehicle looks like it may be 200 years old................"

this must have scared away most of the other potential buyers, I saw that the "rust" was actually quite normal and I could spot from the pics that the rear cross member was made new, so I gave it a shot and won the auction.
On Saturday the 26th of June 2006 I went up to Oxfordshire to get my new baby home.
And what a baby it is.

When I first saw it I realized that a camera adds ten pounds ;-) this time it was ten pounds of paint. The optics of this car was absolute horrible.
Anyways I brought it home, towing my Fiat on a heavy car trailer. I told myself if it will survive this it will be worth renovating.
It run like a dream.
Back home I was totally knackered, Land Rovers do not self center the steering and it has the aerodynamics of a sailing boat, but it was so much fun!
I sunk in my bed and slept like a rock.
Next day I went to the Workshop and gave it a closer look, I finally found what was smelling so strange when I removed the loading-bay liner

Below was a carpet and this carpet was garnished with nice smelly Horse Poo! Thanks mate, wasn't aware I would buy enough fertilizer to fertilize the whole of Essex.
Anyways, I went further with my initial checks and started to change all fluids. I had bought an engine flush and a Diesel flush and had put both in the engine and the diesel filter this morning, So now it was time to change the oil.
First problem, Land Rover has sometimes imperial screws ........ the sump plug has a 28mm head......... Ok bought one and off we go with the Oil change, next remove the Oil filter............. bugger the idiot that did the last change had used tools to tighten the filter. I had to remove the whole filter adapter and put it in the vice to drive a big screwdriver thru the filter and get it off.
So this oil change took me 4 hours.
The next weekend I just cleaned the car inside and outside and T-cutted the paint job to see how bad it is, actually it came up quite nicely.

I also re-torqued the bolts on the oil sump, was about time more than 50 percent were lose, no wonder that the whole underside of the engine was wet. I pressure washed everything, even the seats and the weekend was over.....again.
Quickly changed the steering wheel because the original Land Rover one is much to big and the reel is to thin. I now have a Mountney 13" racing steering wheel from a mini........................... much better!

Finally I could made an evaluation of the One Ten:

Chassis = No problems, dents or holes, just surface rust. Rear cross member new.
Tires = New, Goodyear Wranglers, nothing special but good on road
Wheels = rusty, will be made new when money is available for chunky tires ;-)
Back Door = toast. Absolute scrap. Bought one on the net for 25.- quit ;-)
Rear passenger doors = need a lot TLC or should be mad new, we will see.
Font doors = need TLC but nothing major.
Bulkhead = the usual, bought repair sections from John Craddock, practicing welding in the moment, it is a long time ago I welded something properly................................!
Engine = Top! looks like is not older than 40000 miles.
Gearbox = feels good
Transfer box = ditto but leaking oil.
Axles = ditto
Prop shafts = have play need replacing but nor urgent
Steering = PAS absolute fine but the steering settings are not right, the car drags to the left.
Brakes = better than I thought
Exhaust = was made new before was sold
Paint Job = needs either patching or maybe a complete new job, we will see ;-) (I like Orange and Blue) be continued

All Pictures

Started on the front passenger door. Might need a bit more tlc than thought.
Ordered all nessecary stuff and prepped the door

Tools and spares did not arrive in time. Started with the footwells.........

Installed Snorkel Kit and to avoid power loss installed also the Hiclone thingies and a K&N Air filter element.
Funnily enough the engine now runs smoother and does not fell so choked in high revs. Feels more spontanous and vibrations are less too. I sort of can recommend it. It says the fuel consumption will go down by 10% with the Hiclone installed. We will see ;-)
I actually saw that while the previous owner had installed the 200TDI engine he had not connected the Air intake to the filter housing, because it doesn't fit. Have to sort this next to get some use out of the snorkel :-D

Had to swap the starter motor. Bought a second hand one of ebay.
Was quite easy after removing the down pipe. Works like a charm ;-)

Swapped the old useless steering damper with a selfcentering damper from 4Way. Ordered it in Australia, took 6 days to come over. A week faster then the gearbox oil from Difflock online.
Also finished the passengers door

Today I did a bit to pimp my ride [tm]
I actually installed alu wingtops. First I marked the holes for the rivets, drilled them and before I fixed the tops in place I made a ring of silicone around the Air intake for the heating to prevent water coming in if the intake is taped off for wading. I also made big silicone stripes between wing and wingtop to prevent the top from rattling. The ride rattles enough without them ;-)
Looks schweeeet!
Also fittet the missing elbow between airintake and airfilter. The system is still getting air from somewhere in the engine bay. Will swap all hoses on the intercooler pipes next.
Fiddled also a bit with the steering damper to compensate fro the bad steerings setting. This will do till I start on the axle and set the steering propperly.

Went to the LRO Landrover Show in Malvern Wells. Loads of ideas and loads of spares ;-)
After four hours on the show I went to Wales a bit on unpaved roads

Installed the set of Silicone Hoses from Alli Sport for the Defender 200 TDI. Was not that straight forward. The bend for the lower connector of the intercooler was delivered as a 90 degree bend, but should only be a 45 degree better a 30 degree one. But I had to force it in because the original ruber hose was split and the system was getting false air from here.
Also fitted the replacement rear door, a new lock for the rear door and a piece of chequered plate to cover the wholes from the spare wheel carrier.

Had to sell off the 110 in December 2006.
But got hooked with the Land Rover Virus and bought a Range Rover later in 2007