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February 2013

On my last Tour to and from UK I hit a very deep pothole somewhere near Brussels. The bang was that loud that I actually feared the hit would desintergrate the Alu Rims. I was lucky, the rims survived.
But the steering started being wired. As soon as I drove faster than 90Km/h (60Mph) the front wheels started shimming. Driving over a cigarette butt or manhole cover or a gab between road and bridge the shimming turned into nasty fluttering. Something was wrong.
Gigglepin in Essex pointed to the swivel bearings. So here we go:
It is February, bloody cold outside, not much space so first we do the passengers side as that was the side hitting the pothole.

On the Axlestand
steering rod(s) off, brake calipers off,
not much space though ...
I removed the whole stub axle with drive shaft as I planned on changing the chalises too anyways.
here we are
dirty little fu**er
there is one of the bearings, they look quite flimsy, it all was out of tolerance
here the goo in the chalice and the lower bearing
my hands were caked with grease, so decided not to make pictures inbetween .... sorry, New HD drive member(s)
all nice and clean, ready to go back in

March 2013
I did do the drivers side but didn't take pictures. It sorted the behavoir. I think I will have to take one shim out of the passengers side as when setting the preload I might have set it too light.
I managed to win an auction for an Columbus Autohome Roof Tent in March :-)
Came with the four spots. Inside looks like new.

18 May 2013

Long Weekend .... Jey!

Finally a dry day to takle this eyesore
first remove the tank, would have been quicker if I hadn't filled it up last week. Draining took an hour. And no, ...not in the gutter
whoops ....
driver side is an easy cut (LHD)
in the chassis rail on the passenger watch out for the wiring loom, but at least LR uses better conduit than in the 80s
there it is, now cleaning the cuts, remove the rust of the parts usually obstructed by the tank and put some rust protection on
the new bit prepared, the holes are for puddle welds, makes it stronger
and while at it remove the bend rear quarter panel. Amazing how many spot welds they put in
all cleaned and primed

19 May 2013

Rainy Day today, so up goes the gazeebo
All old stuff removed and rest cleaned up
new part in with adhesive and loads of rivets
quick lick of paint and the door mounted ready to receive the rear cross member

2 June 2013

Found the reason why my fuel gauge didn't work. Quickly fixed now while the tank is out
In the pump I found algae. Thanks to the 5% Biodiesel they put in the normal Diesel in EU Land
cleaned it and started to put the tank back in...... but then this happened
the second of the fuelpipes broke off. just by re connecting
checked the other pipes and they are all brittle, while taking out the tank a second one snapped
so time to change the system to an external pump. To do so the internal pump needs to go. Removed it and found ....
more algae. The pump would probably have failed in the next 6-12 month
Just the tank and it is back on the road, yes and a new rear Door

16 June 2013

The external Fuel Pump Kit arrived
It comes with the guide which is a bit out of date and actually doesn't give zou the most vital information, which of the connectors to connect it to, Green? White? Black? Blue? The LR Workshop Manual shows it is the Blue one. In mz case the one that broke off ..
Remove Pump and the green pipe, the short fuel hose that comes with the kit is connected to the tube the green pipe was on and runs to the bottom of the pump housing
The fuel pipes are dangerously close to the exhaust if you install the kit as it comes at the location they recomend. I've splt the kit and mount the filter in the wheelhous close to the original filter. Easier to maintain
the broken off connector pipe was long enough to go into the new fuel pipe, easy connection :-)
without the filter next to it there is enough space between pump, pipes and exhaust
all connected up and fine
the blue one is the new connector
looks quite good now, the mud flaps will go on next week, couldn't be bothered

.to be continued .