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April 17th 2012

Damaged the Steering Drop arm Joint while playing on Sardinia
Unfortunately the spare part was at home. HAd to drive back the 600odd Km with a bike on the back .... Wobbly I tell you
Once at home it took 20 minutes to repair

28 May 2012

Went to Ashcroft Transmissions in Luton to get a recon Gearbox as my old one was leaking like a spagetthi strainer
had them change the gearing in the transmission box to the Disco one and add the extended sump. All nice and shiny.
On the bad Belgian motorways the door locker disapeared and jammed the door locks
back home I took the door cards off and there it was
Welded it back in, not nice but solid :-)
and I can lock the doors again

2nd June 2012

Last day of Sun before a week of rain, so better do something on the car outside:-)

I changed the normal light circuits over to a relais switched on that would run the whole current over the light switch, a know problem on the Defender

Here you see the relais and the big fat red power cable. The lights went from 4 candle powers to 8 :-). Clear glas head lamps are on the whishlist.

while at it I started to remove the airconditioning parts I had no longer any use for. The fan will go back later to assist the viscouse fan
up for grabs, except for the fan, ...... anyone?

23rd June 2012

Christmas came early this year. Santa Paddocks delivered some goodies
to get rid of these horrible checkered plate sills
and the rusted thru steps
Sill gone and holes drilled for the tree sliders
nice and not too in your face
Once you know where all the scres and bolts are the other side was done in no time. So quick I forgot to make a finish picture

07. July 2012

changed the old scratchy headlamps to shiny new clear glass headlamps. Much better light together with the new cables and relais probably twice as bright as before.
Also put in new silicone pipes
in one of my favourite colours RAL2009 - Traffic Orange

14th July 2012
Rescue Mission Vehicle at the annual Swiss KTM Adventure Club meet.

it got a bit dirty ....

22nd July 2012

Thule Roof Rack 952 and HD Roof Bars 765
Two set with four feet each and
two sets of roof bars with two bars each

In order to mount a roof tent I was looking for the best solution for my situation.
The rack must be light and manageable to put on and off by one man alone.
So a full expedition rack was out of the question. Three , or four roof bars should be good for it.
Two bars for the tent and two extra if you want to carry other stuff on a trip abroad in the desert.
So I went on and searched for the best solution.
The Thule set that is recommended for the Defender is holding the roof bars a good 10cm (4 inches) above the roof .
Looks shit and is a waste of space.
A thread in the Blacklandy Forum in Germany recommended the Thule Mounting Set 952,
three inches lower than the Thule-recommended set and the HD roof bars 765.
This is a snug fit. It still leaves a good 2.50cm (1 Inch) gap
and clears even the roof windows on a Defender CSW and the sunroof.
The bars have a solid 3mm wall thickness and all in all with two bars I could load 200Kg.
Max Roof Load is 75Kg on a Defender
and most Roof Tents are between 30 and 60Kg.

perfect clearance
3mm square tube bars

Looking for a rooftent now

December 2012
Winter is here and it is getting cold. Earlier this year I bought a second hand Webast AirTop Aux Heater.
Lets get it on ...

Thats the space I decided on, under the passenger seat (LHD) in the ECU box
all the electronics rubbish out ... Holes drilled
Heater in
messy job ..
and he Raptor Console is ideal to carry the control unit
Fuel pickup in the filler hose thanks to a table leg ;-)
Fuel pump and Air plumbing
Exhaust. The white stuff at the wheel in the background is snow. It is currently below Zero and the heater makes it nice and cosy within 5 -10 minutes :-)

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