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02 July 2011

Had the Road Safety test on the 29.06.
It fell thru because I forgot that outside of UK MOT testers need manufacturers certificates to sign off aftermarket Springs .....
And the blind dumnut of a tester couldn't find the VIN on the chassis.
So had to attack the chassis with a wire brush today to make it impossible to miss.
It wasn't actually where I expected it, or at least it wasn't where it was on my Range Rover.
It was here:

Have ordered the original Land Rover HD Springs now.
Will have a set of Britpart HD Springs for sale soon ;-)

15. July 2011

The LAnd Rover Springs finally arrived and Weather was good
so a quick change was on the agenda
out with the yellow
in with the black

Next test appointment 02.August. Keep Fingers crossed

02 August 2011

Past the test with flying colours this time. Different tester, this one knew what he was looking at. Took 5 minutes and I had my certificate and my number plates.
Now the real mods can begin

First I tried to swap the steering wheel for a slightly smaller sporty one. Unfortunately my puller is still in UK. So have to find a different way.

Got hold of a set of seat relocation adapters. It moves the seat a bit back and half an inch higher

perfect seating position for my size.

06 August 2011

Build myself a little puller out of square tube and threaded studs
and the little black one went on. Much better feel.

Also gave the car its first little service. Changes Engine Oil and all Filters including Diesel and Air Filter. Also checked the Wastegate by applying 1.2 bar air pressure and a bit of WD40. Works fine.

15 September 2011

I was over in Peterborough for the LRO Show and bought the Raptor Dash. First note the cables
All of them ;-)
use the supplied template to mock up a cardboard template and put it in place
cut the soft dash cover with a stanley knife
Cut out the metal backing
remove the old radio mount if not done already
test fit. I had to cut a bit on the back as my Landy has the bigger cable conduit. This is mentioned in the instructions
fit radio
just put some old gauges in the holes, later the tank gauge and the clock will sit here
in the cockpit a Oil Temp and Oil Pressure gauge will be of more use as the tank gauge and clock
also bought this Frontrunner Cubby Safe. It lifts the cubby box by an Inch. Better to rest your arm on now.
.......Enough safe place for you documents and other stuff. It is a good 2" deep

found a good place for the nanocom

and for the GPS

24 September 2011
A lot of people tape up the Air Intake for the heater in order to get better heating.
I simply bought a Right Hand Drive Lid for £2.- on the LRO Show and installed it.
We will see when the cold days come

04 December 2011

For exactly 9600Km I did nothing to the Defender except for a second Oil and Filter change at 176000Km.
On the last tour the brakes did feel funny, like having air in the system. Last weekend I could hear a low humm in left hand corners. So I checked the wheels and found that the wheel bearings on the passengers side (LHD) had gone. This time I ordered a set of Genuine Timken Bearings at OFC in Wiesbaden.
They arrived Friday, just in time.
I the outer Britshit bearing had parished
but getting quite good in this ;-)
all in all took an hour including Brake Bleeding and test drive

11 December 2011

Went to the Nicolaus Rally in France.
Original Plan was to have the first outing with my new to me KTM EXC
Unfortunately a cold struck me and knocked me out for a few days.
Still weak I cancelled the bike part and drove down for the party,
but in the end did the second half of the Rally in the Landy,
together with another Bike Rider who did retire his bike earlier.
Was fun doing a few nice dirt tracks and forrestry roads in France.
In the End my Co Pilot actually made the second Place.

Some of the other cars

On the way black in the Black Forrest. Snow .....!
And the Van is finally a bit dirty. About time.

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