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07. May 2011
It failed the test on the 27th April as I did expect.
All bushes are a bit tired and I would have wondered otherwise.
The reasons why is a bit strange, corrosion at the rear passenger doors, not really a safety concern, missing towbar and missing rear seats.
Plus the tired Panhard Rod Bushes and an Oil droplet hanging on the bell housing.
Shouldn't have shouted at the tester when he tried to pull the handbrake on a rolling road.
Probably pissed him off that I sort of called him stupid.
So ordered a bunch of new stuff which hopefully will arrive here soon

Order list
1 Spring & Shock Kit
1 Bush Kit
1 Shock Absorber Turrets Tubular
2 HD Turret Securing Ring
2 Lower Spring Seat Galvanized
1 HD front spring retainer plate 5mm
2 Panhard Rod Bolt
2 Nut for BH114167
4 Radius Arm Bolt M16
4 Nut for BH116187
2 Nut for Radius Chassis Mount
1 HD Rear Spring Retainer plate 5mm
2 Rear Spring Seat Galvanized
2 Bottom link bush bolt - rear axle
2 Nut to BH610321L
2 Bottom Link Rod Nut
2 Top Link bush bolt
2 Nut to BH612321
1 A Frame Ball Joint
1 HD Steering Rod Kit
1 Bottom Steering Joint
1 Cellular Dynamic Steering Damper
1 Filter Kit - Def TD5 - Premium Brands
2 Rear reflector - rectangular
4 Indicator complete 12V

not everything is necessary but hey, If I take the suspension apart, then do it right.

20 May 2011
Paddock has delivered. It was actually cheaper than calculated. Good stuff.
So today after work I started taking some bits off. I expect quite some struggles along the way due to the rust in every corner.

First removed the little plastic caps to gain access to the top of the front shocks
In order to get to this one I had to remove two pipes from the turbo, but easy peasy
Drop arm will need refurbish so off the nut comes, also removed steering damper bolt
the other side of the steering damper took up a fight.
but with my trusty oil filter wrench it had to give up
Guess which one is the new HD one? Little hint, it has KTM colours....

21 May 2011

First removed the bolts that hold the Spring Plate and the lover nut of the damper...
removed the turret retaining nuts
And removed the whole damper including turret
hoist the car up by the chassis to loosen the spring
cleaned the places I wont be able to reach later with a wire brush and gave it a coat of rust preventive paint

I went for the standard HD springs, no lift kit. Brings only trouble and I need to rely on the van

Looking nice, the open turret doesn't collect dirt and doesn't rust so quickly. Order of assembly is turret retainer ring, then Spring, then the damper and at last the turret itself. All the plastic in the wheelhouse does make it difficult

In order to tighten the nuts on the damper, wind a ratchet strap around the damper and pull tight. The damper can't turn and you can easily tighten the nuts. Works also for removal of an old stubborn damper

in preparation for the next steps I loosened the track rod ..

the Panhard rod and the radius arm bolts. The nut that hold the radius arm to the chassis I removed earlier to allow the front axle more distance to remove the springs
prepared the push rod
and took the length of the old track rod onto the new one
nice and shiny. ..... If weather permits the bushes will be done next, or the back suspension, we will see

22 May 2011

Was just a short day today. I just finished the passenger side rear when the thunderstorm that was predicted for yesterday evening hit

removal of the old spring and damper was a piece of cake ... cleaned and painted the area
old v. new. No lift intended
the old damper that failed the MFK (MOT) and the new one
all back in. RR means 'Rear Right' not Range Rover, just in case you were wondering ;-)
new spring retainer and spring plate
even so a Lift wasn't intended, due to being HD springs the car stands a bit higher. Looking good!

28 May 2011

Plan for Today was to change the bushes on the front radius arms and the panhard rod.
I had removed all nuts and tested for bolt movement last weekend.
But somehow the bolds decided to not come out without a fight.
Bastards, took me an hour to get them out. First did the panhard rod, all fine and easy sailing.
I had access to the press in the workshop of my landlord, but unfortunately we couldn't find a fitting tool to press out the bushes in the radius arms. So will have to go to Land Rover next week to get them out. Bugger!
Radius Bolt lose but not easy to get out
Panhard Rod with new paint and new orange bushes
all new and copper greased
'Radius arm light' to keep the axle under the car, or the car above the axle whatever way ....

got a bit bored and painted the steps with antirust

02 June 2011

Bank holiday, can't make a noise ....bugger

prepared the first radius arm to knock out the rest of the bush out tomorrow. If you drill between the rubber and the outer sleeve the drill will go between the two materials and work the inner part out. Only need to cut the outer sleeve and out it comes
Also replaced the ball joint of the drop arm today. Here the new bits that come in a set
Take everything out and knock the upper seat out. A bit of heat will help
press the new seat in using a G-Clamp and two sockets
Grease up and put the ball pin in
rubber and push rod on, job done!

03 June 2011

Had to make up lost time from yesterday, so started as soon as possible in the morning

Once I had new blades for the handsaw it was easy peasy. Painted the areas hard to reach once in place
removed the mud flaps and wire brushed the area with the grinder
the new special chassis paint arrived in time
in with the radius arm
turn the axle a bit to get the front bolt in
all tightened up. 197Nm bloody hell! Felt like I would lift the car of the stand at times ...
all sweet and clean now. And properly greased up with cooper grease

Other side was easy too. Set the steering geometry as good as possible for now. It should be 0-2mm toe out for the Td5 Defender. Will need checking with the right tools later.

and at last, once I could turn the car around the last suspension parts. Out with the old
transfer dirt and rust via wire brush in my face, paint all up and in with the new. Hope the new calipers come next week. Trailing arm bushes are scheduled for tomorrow

04 June 2011

Trailing arm out, used the press of my Landlord to push the bushes out, and in with the new
De-Rust and painted the brackets. 176Nm for the trailing arm to chassis mount, front and rear that is.
cleaned the trailing arms.176Nm for the bolts here too. Axle needs rust proofing soon. A frame will be done later this year.
All in. Suspension is done. Only a few minor things left for the road safety test.

13 June 2011

There was a little Oil Leak on the front camshaft plug, a plastic cap with O-Ring
This O-ring will lose its shape over time and harden and Oil will find its way out.
I simply used heat and oil resistant silicone sealant to glue it back in.
this will hold for eternity
finally the new calipers for the rear came and were installed, new pads and new brake lines were made up
looking good. Was my first time and it actually wasn't that difficult. Shouldn't have used the old ones as template though, as I need to change the A-Frame Balljoint soon too.
nice and clean
only hitch was this bloody pipe fitting that goes in the Pressure Reducing Valve. It put up a fight. I tried 3 hours and gave up. Tried again next morning and after 25 Seconds it was done up nicely..... Bitch!

19 June 2011

To install a pair of JBL Control 1 I simply turned one of the bolts that holds the roof
and used a leftover furniture fixing from Ikea. Job done. Much better Sound now ;-)

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