I had to learn that once caught you never can get rid of the Landy Bug.
You will have to learn to live with it.
So in order to get rid of the current symptom of 'not being happy with a VW' I had to buy a Landy.

And here it is:
A Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 Model 1999

170.000Km (105.663 miles) on the chassis and 130.000Km (80.778 miles) on the engine.
Chassis looks sound except the rear Crossmember
Transferbox is stuck in "High" and the Seats are shot.
All in all it needs a good tidying up and some other modifications

26. March 2011
finalized the contract and collected the paperwork (swiss V5) to register and collect the licence plates.
They change from county to county and you have to go to the Swiss DVLA offices to get this done.
Luckily the local office is next to my workplace.
Here a few more piccies I made today

Will have to swap driver and passenger seat, as the driver seat is completely shot. Easy peasy ...
Brand new BF Goodrich AT as spare. Will save me a couple quit when buying new shoes for the Beast.

Rear Chassis itself is looking really good, except the crossmember.
I hope it will pass Swiss MOT to give me some time to replace it

The rear outrigger is actually the only bad part besides the Crossmember.
Everything looks rusty but is just surface rust

28th March 2011
Today is the day.
Got the licence plates and took the train to Lucerne to collect the car.
The brakes are a bit iffy, probably renew all round.
And had a deeper look around.

It has the typical issues with the doors
And the rear Crossmember. First thing to go is the towbar. Don't need it...
Need a new Injector loom. The engine misbehaved half way back from Lucerne. Quick clean with brake cleaner and it ran like new
The puddle is brake and carb cleaner mixed with engine oil. This will be me new weekly task I guess.

The Valve cover is leaking oil too. So we can fix both in one go

Surgery or new? For my old defender I got one on Ebay for 50.-quit 4 years back. Don't think I will be so lucky again.
But Jeez, the Td5 goes like ....
No comparison to a 200TDI
WTF? This is in the loading bay. Goes straight to the battery. Any idea where I can get the fitting plug?

29th March 2011
Waiting for spares, but did a few minor things

Sorted the cubbybox. it wasn't screwed down properly and all fixings for the lid to the transfer box had perished
replaced the little catch rope with a length of old tie downs, replaced the screws that hold the lid and bolted it down properly
Also fixed the diagnostic connector
and attached my little power distributor with USB power to charge iPod or Phones and run my GPS
absolute essential, drinks holder, the can of brake cleaner is just for test. I don't drink that stuff .
Neatly folded away, have to rip the second one out of my VW now, for the passengers side

02. April 2011

Tried to get this bolt out, but it didn't budge, need a ramp or pit to get a better angle
here is the reason why the Aircon is not frosty :-(
Task for today, change Injector loom. Remove Cover

remove Valve lid

remove loom

new loom in, and new gasket in valve lid and back on. After three attempts I simply glued the bloody gasket
with heat resistant silicon in place. Works a treat
Old Loom
cleaned also the red connector on the ECU, a job that will be done weekly now for the next month till Oil is gone
Next task change the lock on driver door. Remove Doorcard
get shocked by the state of the door, calm down and drill a little access hole
this hole will make it possible to remove the little lever without taking the whole door apart
remove little lever
Keep these hinges safe

And push the barrel out, no key required

In the description of this job it was mentioned that a plastic extender would sit on the barrel. In my case it was cast alloy and water had corroded everything together. Was a bit of a struggle to get everything apart, but you end up with three pieces. New barrel to the left.

Pit it back together, fill the lock with copper grease stick it in, lever back on and fiddle the little rod and safety back in. Job done. Took 45minutes including struggle with the barrel.

And removed the stupid writing on the passengers side. Drivers side tomorrow

what I hadn't' realised so far is that the passengers side did n't have the checker board parts on the sill and rear ??
Or did someone nick this?

03. April 2011

First job today, remove the huge towhitch. I just need the tow ball

All but one bolt came out, last one sheared off. The whole tow stuff weighs a ton. So more ground clearance and better approach angle

Up for grabs now. Extra heavy duty towhitch
Solid metal

Made in Switzerland. 150Kg load on coupling point for the ball head

and 180Kg load on the hitch and a maximum of 6 tons tow load. Any takers?

Job two, remove the rest of the stickers on Drivers side (LHD ;-) )

Job three, new reverse light of the later defenders or the NAS spec defenders
Hmm, guess I need a new fog light now...
... to suite the reverse light

10. April 2011

Juergen from the German BlackLandy Forum sold 4x complete Wheels
So today I removed the old Defender Type Wheels with some cheap Winter tires with Spikes ...
with some later style Defender Wheels with BF Goodrich All Terrain. They look the business ;-)
The spiky ones can wait for the next winter

16 April 2011

The Wheel bearings need attention. While swapping wheels I could feel play in the bearings.
All quite oxidised. Brake pipe needs replacing
Turned out the inner brake pistons on both sides of the car are seized up. New calipers are on order.

The play turned out to be the safety nut not tightened up to 210Nm. I could turn it with my fingers

All off, the cleaning starts
This is the spacer used in the wheel hubs from 1999. I re used it with the new bearings. Wheel turns fine with no play. Instead of the modern nut that needs tightening to 210Nm ...
... I use the old method with two nuts and the security washer ...
to get the tight brake disc screw off I put the hub in the wheel, looking good so shiny ...

23 April 2011

In order to fix the broken catch that holds the rear seats I removed the backrest
And got free access to the catch mechanism
And finally arrived, the new front brake calipers
ooohhh sooo shiny. Car brakes like it should again

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