My Career Objective

Having worked in various roles over the last 26 years I have progressed from being an apprentice motor mechanic to senior service manager for a international Audio Manufacturer with further progression onto operations and business development manager.
Having started as a 1-Man Support Lead for EMEA,
I now lead a team of 5 service & support specialists and 9 EU based Service Partners to ensure customer satisfaction and quality control.
I enjoy finding and integrating new technologies and processes to improve quality, response times and costs.

I have excellent management, negotiation and motivational skills giving all of the team I control the guidance, support and an experienced view of how they should deal with meeting their objectives for new ways of customer fulfilment hence enabling our company to move forward and achieve its ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and market saturation of our brands & products.
My skills include reporting to the Director of Global Services on a weekly basis which includes innovative ways to meet our targets, as well as reporting to the COO, CFO and CEO.
I am an excellent communicator and am able to communicate at all levels from board down to factory floor.
Over the last 7 years in my current position I have exceeded targets set by the company introduced innovative steps to cut costs and giving my staff quality direction.
My main goal now is to move into a different and challenging capacity offering guidance and experience on a day to day running of an operation.


My Ideal Company

The ideal company I am looking for is must have a no holds barred philosophy and foresight for the future.
Ideally this would be within the Audio Manufacturing sector rather than Motor Industry but I think that my management experience would be beneficial to both operations.

Who am I:

As an Independent Thinker, I am one of the more introverted personality types. That is one of the reasons I prefer to work alone. This does not mean that I cannot be successful in a team, as well, as I prove every day. For me, the task is most important and people who are involved come second. The contact with others, the necessity to adjust myself to their daily changing sensitivities - all of it is just more gratuitous emotion that keep me from totally devoting myrself to those things that truly interest me: analyzing systems and policies, researching potentials for change, developing new ideas and implementing them in reality.

Here I differ from the second introverted Thinker type, the Analytical Thinker: I truly enjoy implementing my concepts and I enjoy the results. Therefore I should look for a work environment where I can accompany and expedite my ideas through to their conclusion. I consider difficult situations as challenges that really try my creativity and I frequently surprise people around me with genuinely incredibly bright ideas, rendering others speechless. My world consists of statistics, legitimacy, and systematics.

Considering all of this, I am very praxis-oriented, and by no means live on an intellectual ivory tower. I am not interested in theories not related to reality. As in chess, I am excellent at predicting the consequences of my methods in advance, and then choosing the appropriate alternative. Once I have made my decision on how to deal with a situation, I am totally willing to use my elbows and I don’t necessarily show any consideration for others. With that, I occasionally encounter resistance from other, less task-oriented colleagues that I quickly brush aside.

I resent routine jobs or monotonic order of events. I believe that they smother my creativity. If necessary, my determination and unusual ambition will convince me to acquiesce to the inevitable. Nevertheless, when choosing my profession, I should be mindful that my working environment is going to provide me with something new to learn and that my tasks are as varied as possible. My strength lies in solving novel problems and not working on details. Nor should my curiosity ever be satisfied; just as fresh information is as important to me as the air I breathe, so is the feeling that I continuously expand and increase my competencies. An activity where I do the same thing in the same department with the same colleagues for 20 years is the worst fate that can possibly happen to my hungry mind.


My Interests

I am a very keen Mechanic and am building my own Rally Car.
I thoroughly enjoy hiking in the Mountains of South Wales.
I love the great outdoors.
I enjoy taking Photographs and riding off-road Motorbikes.



I am currently under a contract with a notice period of six weeks to quarter end and would be available at any point once this has been completed.