The time for the anual Adventure - Travelers Meeting in Germany is coming up soon.
So have to prep the bike for the tour and MOT.

Haven't touched it since I moved in in July 2008.

On the last Tour the Exhaust mount broke off.

The rear clamp broke off on the way to the KTM Adventure Meeting in Switzerland in 2007
Cable ties worked for a few thousand miles.

First removed the exhaust from the bike and cleaned the areas in prep for the weld

clamped everything in place

first time I had to weld stainless. Wire feed was a bit high
but doesn't look too bad

New rubber and bushing

.... and back on the bike

while at it gave the Silencer a quick clean

The Rally alternator is a bit weak and the lights were never good.
So this year I will install a HID system
and swap all normal bulbs with LED bulbs

but where to put the ballast housings?

first installed the HID burners into the Headlights.
One with a reflector for Low Beam the other High Beam

It was easy in the end. Mounted the ballasts on a aluminium plate
which I mounted on the road book holder.
We will see if it doesn't vibrate too much

The Tank and Carbs are drained at the moment so had to hook up a car battery to test the lights
Low Beam works

High Beam works

LED Taillights work