Rally Overhaul 2011
After the 6 day tour down to Switzerland from Wales, the engine refused to start.
It ran perfectly till the last minute of the trip and brought me home. It was a bit oil thursty though.
A few days later it felt like there is no compression.
I expect the Piston to be shot and probably one of the piston rings broken.
Last time I swapped the piston rings I didn't swap the piston due to shortage of money.
We will see.
The day before the trip in Wales
the week after the trip in Switzerland. Preparing the engine to come out

Here it is. I handed it over to my Landlord, a KTM Dealer for investigation.

Sad view
Today I finally moved into my new shared Workshop. My Delaer/Landlord hadn't had time so far to check the engine, so took it back today and first drained the old oil. There were bits on the Drainmagnet.
Not the best of signs. I still have to get the Landy thru MFK (MOT) first so engine has to wait a few more days.
This is the Bar in the Workshop,.... essential as you all know.

I share it with Harleys, KTMs, Hondas and other two wheelers. All in All 4 people. All a bit mad Perfect fit!

27 June 2011

One of the suspicions I had was that something with the Valve drive would cause the loss of compression.
So took the rocker cover off to inspect the cam and rockers.
All looking good for around 40.000Km.
It is pretty sure that the cause is piston (ring) related.

first remove chain tensioner take out all screws
and this is what you see. All good for another 20.000Km (recomended live span for the cam bearings)

Plan is to leave the head on the cylinder in case the cylinder is fine. Would save me to buy a new head gasket ;-)
Unfortunately my special 15mm Spanner is still in UK so need to buy and modify a new one. One of the Nuts is really hard to get off.

01 July 2011

removed the cylinder and found hints of where the oil had gone
the piston is caked in carbon. But no signs of any damage. So i assume it is just an old tired piston.
cylinder looks absolute fine, as if it just came from re chroming
all no reason for the engine to lose compression though. Next the oil pumps
signs of metal in the oil, the pumps show heavy wear
not enough to fail but ....
something must be
wrong and damaged
hmm ...
found it. A seized Valve Rocker. Looks nasty. The Valves stuck open... hence no compression
I actually never touched the rockers and shafts on this head when I took it off the SMC engine.
the cause was a damaged shim.

Time to order parts.

took a while, had to wait for my bankaccount to refill .. but finally parts arrived

unfortunately the piston kit was missing parts so had to send it back to KTM

but time to prepare the rest. First Oilpumps

not my day today. One of the clips that holds the sprocket on flew away and was never be seen again.
so had to stop here and order a new clip. Stalled by 50Pennies. Bugger.

Then the Rockercover
all nice and new and shiny. Lets wait for the new piston ...

06 August 2011

Finally got all parts together.

Also moved the rest of the bike over to the workshop. Land Rover Style :-)
shiny new piston 'Made in Austria' it says. The Pistonbolt secure rings are a bitch to install ....
Ready to get the cylinder back on
Also got a new clip for the oilpump and on with the clutch
All on torqued up and sealed off
ready for valve clearance check tomorrow.

07 August 2011

Engine is ready to go back in, but while it is out I will service the rest of the bike, first swingarm
Nice to have space to work ;-)
also got ultra bright LED Bulbs for driving during the days. Left the old ones, right the new one. Nice!

10 August 2011

Placed the engine back in the frame
the engine mounts need a bit of refurb. Clean and paint
to install the mounts the bike can't rest on the lift stand

13 & 14 August 2011

connected up all the cooling and oil lines. Filled up radiators and engine sump
prepared for a good while of kicking the beast .....

It is alive .......! Watch!

Second Kick. Not bad. Put all the rest of the bits on

Only two bits missing, the rubber thingy between Carb and Airbox had perished and need a new link for the chain. The old one is a bid wonkey


........ stay tuned