Here we have my not sooo extensive Bike History
see below
It all started with this, a green lean super machine. A German Kreidler Flory Automatic 50cc. These little bikes with the bicycle style pedals are restricted to 25Km/h  
see below After I finished tuning the engine of the automatic into oblivion I moved on and got a brand new Kreidler Flory 3Gear Manual 50cc with large Seat  
see below On my 16th Birthday I finally was allowed to ride a slightly larger bike.
A Hercules MK2 50cc. Speed restricted to up to 50Km/h
see below Next, once the Hercules was toast, I got an Aprilia RC50. It had complete Marzzochi Suspension and an engine with either legal 1.5BHP or illegal 8BHP for racing.
This one went like an oiled lightning. Motorcyclists kept greeting due to the size and speed. I was so proud ...... Until some jerk nicked it. It was recovered a week later with the engine toast and parts missing.
see below With the insurance money I got a brand spanking new Suzuki GT80L
I was actually aiming for a TS80ER but would have had to wait for 3 month.
So went for the Chopper. The Chopper bug stuck quite a while:
Kawasaki Z650SR. My first real bike.
650cc 50BHP. Quite nice.
It had original 19" 16" wheels and with a few things like Z1000 Wheel hubs I converted it to Spoke Wheels. Welded a Harley Sportster Tank to fit the bike and lowered the Suspension.
It was for quite some time the lowest and fastest Japanese Chopper in my hometown
After a break of a few years the Enduro bug came back and I bought a 1979 Yamaha XT
Great bike never missed a beat. Sold this one to my brother later. It is now rusting in his shed
Thought a chopper would be the way to go. So bought another classic, Yamaha XS650.
This one was a Special and an import from the US. It came original with spoke wheels, much nicer than the European Style Alloy Cast Wheels. Changed the optics a bit and had a japanese low rider. I went over to the UK with it for a holiday trip to Cornwall and Wales. All went fine except one spoke broke in the rear wheel. But there were plenty more in there to go on.
On the way back in Belgium I was caught in heavy Rain and the engine died. With a gallon of WD 40 I could get the electrics back to work and reached home with only three more stops because of electric issues. Back at home I ripped out the US type electric ignition and converted her to the old mechanic point ignition. Ran much smoother afterwards.
But I still wasn't happy, so back to the Enduro's. A Suzuki DR600 was the weapon of choice.
Was much more offroad worthy than the XT.
But it let me down big time on Rannoch Moor in Scotland in the middle of a Rainstorm.
It later started again and I rode to Pitlochry in Scotland (Edradour Distillery).
Here it finally died on my.
I left her in a shed at the local MacBackpackers Hostel and went back home to Germany by train. What a let down.
I later picked her up with a car.
Turned out to be a broken winding in the alternator that caused the problem.
Apparantly a common issue with the DR.

My first proper Enduro. A KTM Lc4 Adventure brand spanking new.
My pride and joy for exactly 1 year.
Than one of the bloody low lives in Wickford, Essex nicked it.

But I certainly had caught the KTM bug. A member of the KTM Adventure Forum had his Lc4 660 Rally on sale in Luxembourg. Quick check with the DVLA and off I went to Lux to collect the beauty.
She is faithfully in my services since 2003 and still going strong (ish)
The engine had a few operations and modifications, and nearly every bold, screw and nut is swapped at least once but she is still a proper Rally with plenty of thumper umpf.
I will never give her away.
She is here to stay.
Then I thought I might become sensible and went for a reliable two cylinder touring bike as second bike.
A Honda Africa Twin RD04
But honestly, not my cup of tea. It lacks the KTM factor that kicks you in the nuts if you didn't pay attention.
I still have the Africa Twin, is up for grabs ...
another KTM was offered. It had a minor issue. A seized Crank bearing. But I had a spare engine ;-)
Now she is back on the road, looking pretty and running very well with a Keihin FCR and a DAM Exhaust.
She will stay too. She is has to share the road register document with the Rally. ;-)
And to counter the Africa Twin I bought a little toy. A KTM 450EXC.
Not ridden her yet.
But Winter will end at sometime .....................
these pictures marked with this smiley are nicked from the Interweb.
I was more interested in riding than making pictures.
Taking Photographs was an expensive Hobby at that time and I needed the money for parts, fuel and booze and to pay penalties.