July 2013

Had a brilliant Day out in France, around Melisey in the Vogese Mountains
Temperatures hit the 30s. It was well hot and sunny
one of many breaks to gulp down water and top up on carbs
one of many detours.
Google was showing a track
Break, Water, Carbs

Ralf and Chris

August 2013
slight Suspension Improvement

added the preload adjusters
and got the Giant Loop Mojavi Saddle bags. It is small but can carry tools, rain gear and additional water & spare tubes

03 & 04 October 2013
Excellent trip to Slovenia

Despite the forecast, brilliant weather
Amazing Countryside ...
good company ...
some challenges ...
dry river beds ...
Ruins ...
Woods ...
and big grins!

13 October 2013

After Slovenia and before Spain in December the bike needed a full service
and weight reduction. There were still tons of Slovenia clinging to it. Even after preassurewashing
Started on the rear
Swingarm bearings were in dire need of service. Smelled like a wet and long dead dog
all nice and shiny and freshly greased up
rear wheel and chain cleaned. Rear Shock cleaned and set to standard
New Exhaust as the old one is toast. One holder is fractured, the inners rattle and the inside is worn away by the rear tire
the bike had issues to start and full carburettor maintenance was on the schedule. All clean and with new breather hoses
Rear Subframe has cracked. It will be fine for Spain but then need replacing.
Best start sourcing now
fahoined a little seperator to keep the plastics off the exhoust when traveling with saddle bags
test run before we start on the front. First press of the button and she sprang to live. :-)

19 October 2013

Started on the front. Removed everything
Then added the steering damper tower
Next was the MRS Frame Bracket from Raid Designs
Unfortunately it didn't fit. It fouled the stem of the tripple clamps
While thinking how to sort the frame bracket I refurbed the old MD Roadbook with the parts I got from RallyRaidProducts UK
and mounted the roadbook holding plate also coming from RallyRaidProducts UK. Modified a few bits to fit the TrailTech
I tried to file down the mounting block that goes in the headstock but to no avail. Still 2 mm to thick
So simply used Normal M8 Screws. Standard 8.8 for now but will change them to higher tensile later
Made sure the block was mounted straight
Background is a bit shit but the two aluminium plates are parallel and straight to the frame
Mounted the old ICO I had lying around and the Garmin Montana
connected one Trailtech Remote to the ICO, a second (right side) to the Striker

16 November 2013
Rear Frame back from Welding ..... finaly
Second Wheel set with Deserts, the Rear is a 140/80 bit too wide for the exhaust

got a bit of BLING
bit more bling
Cockpit almost done