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April 2013

The Roadbook Setup as tested in Holland needed a bit tinkering, the high beam light attached to the raodbook
the handlebar mount
and the trail tech instrument mounted so I can actually see it
looks the business
and loads of buttons and switches
but hang on, ....... maybe .........!
Where to mount a carrier system for the Fairing and instrument tower?
Yes, Radiator mounts and other holes and studs. Quickly made up a template

19 April 2013

Postman delivered this today. Ordered from here: Raid Designs in Sweden

It is supposed to mount on the headstock like this

27 April 2013
Slovenia Trip is getting nearer
Optimised the cockpit a bit

installed a second sensor for the Tacho
It is tight down there
But sitting pretty
All gizmos in the field of view
And installed Ram mounts for the GoPro

Front one

May 2013 ... trip to Slovenia

on route to Slovenia in the Zillertal Austria
not the cleares of weather, but sunny and warm
the vehicles
quick break with mountains
GG didn't want his bike to get wet
inside the basecamp
proud owner of a T-Shirt
Slovenia Country side with bridge
and soft ground, the persistent rain the last days made evrything very deep
GG and Torsten
break in the woods
philosophic meditation, GG not the bike
main road somewhere in south west Slovenia close to the croatian boarder
side stand busted, had to carry this hughe concrete bloch for parking ;-)
one of the 5 portions fruit per day the doctor recommends
the problem .... old and tired.
temporary side stand
then the weather got bad, so we switched to site seeing. Cave of Postojna
it was normal to sign the stone formations in the 1800s
old castle near Postojna
the river Pivka (pronounced Puke-a) two guys and a hole in the ground
Back home, you can see the hole is not really round
and on the back the material has been worn away
New stand, problem sorted

16 June 2013

Few Parts for the Rally Preparation have arrived. Tank
Spare Engine
Steering Damper
Speedo with remote control (second Speedo will be my spare ICO3) and a DC Regulator.
Will have to modify the alternator to DC to have more juice to drive double headlamps and Nav Gear

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