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18 August 2012
Preparation for the Roadbook Tour in Belgium

First gave it a clean. After the Practice it was caked with Mud and Dust
Quick Oil change, no Metal filings on the magnet, good sign ;-)
Filter change
Petcock from the small tank goes on the bigger one
From an old GPS Mount that came with the Adventure I nicked the Handlebar Mounts
Roadbook carrier will fit nicely. Few holes to drill
Et Voila. Nice and sturdy and in the right place. Best of all, I don't need to move the speedo
Roadbook on and ..... it doesn't work :-(
I bought this from a friend, He never used it so couldn't say if it was working. Turned out just to be a short
New wires soldered on
And all good to go
Not pretty but good enough for the tour
The Rally Modification will come later .....
Last thing put in a bit of Gaffer Tape to attach the Roadbook easily

01 September 2012

Arrival at the Start in the Netherlands early in the morning to prepare Bike and Roadbook
Roadbook cut pasted and wound in the holder, ready to go
The Netherlands did show themselves of their best side, sunny, warm and friendly

Lunchbreak somewhere in the woods
Sandy strps through endless pastures
finally got the hang of roadbook navigation
I'm certain that I will be back

30 September 2012

Went on a short trip to Slovenia with Tom and Richi, Tom on EXC450 and Richi on a Suzuki Quad.

Took the scenic route through Liguria, unfortunately the weather didn't play ball ... mountains in the mist
When arrived at the campground I put up camp and relaxed till Tom and Richci would arrive later that evening
Spot of dinner with tasty Harissa
Next Morning preparation for the tour to Trieste in Italy
Ready to go
short break, no tears just an itchy nose
Tom insisted that there was a 6 lane highway here .....
on route to Trieste on one of the short tarmac bits
Pizza delivery in Trieste
quick spot of lunch
short detour to Lipica to see the world renknown Lipician Horses
Tom again insisted that there was a road here last time he rode this way ;-)
The guys checking if the woodland track will go on.....
it didn't, so back up the hill
back late afternoon, camp preparations
and for dinner a sample of the local couisine..... Cevapcici
a quiet pipe and chat before turning in
Morning coffee at the local Petrol Station
and off into the wilderness, old building with bullet holes
just an amazing countryside full of tracks and friendly people ... I will be back

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