January 2014

After spending some time in Andalusia preparation for 2014 are on the schedule.
Last year I could grab a bargain and got a second hand EXC engine for a very low price.
As the original engine has 15000+Km but still going strong, the second hand engine will be refurbished just in case.
Not sure how it looks on the inside and how well maintained it is

First pull the cylinder and check piston and head, minimal wear so piston will be used but new rings. Also as there was debris on the oil sump screw I will go and renew the conrod and main bearings together with all other bearings in the engine
Loads of cleaning to do now. The waterpump was badly corroded, so new pump wheel and gasket carrier needed

freewheel hub is worn and needs to be replaced. Clutch is good and can be re used

to remember what goes where ;-)

all checked, baged and tacked

engine case ready to be cleaned and to receive new bearings

25 January 2014

The new puller came this week so I could remove the last bearings
and fix the duff thread of the drain plug

02 February 2014

While waiting for the parts for the engine to turn up, something else arrived from the US. This is the old Setup I used in Spain, flimsy and in the wrong position if you stand up
This is the HDB Setup. I originally just wanted the Protectors and the Scotts mount and bits and bobs, but in the end for $100.- more I got the full light package
so finally the old standard Tripple clamp could go
and the new CNC billet tripple could go on
The HDB stuff is absolutely solid stuff
flexible position for the damper to fit
well bhuild and plenty of gaps so nothing will bind up
New inserts for the handlebar, the tap is included in the package
very sturdy stuff. It cleans and sorts aka. hides all the electrics
Looks well sorted and is rock solid. The aluminium holders for the mask I fabricated need painting but thats it.

09 February 2014
I think my Workshop Camera is on its way out. It reports that it has focused but more and more pictures are out of focus.

All Parts finally arrived and my Landlord has trued the crank and swapped conrod and main baearing shells
swapp all needle bearings in the gearbox
and all is back in
case closed :-) again out of focus :-(

23 February

Nice Sunday Afternoon ride in France. Not too cold but muddy

15 March 2014

Last finishing touches
waterpump refurbished
timing chain link installed. Good to have a Landlord that is KTM Dealer to borrow tools ;-) like the riveter
tara: Job done. One spare Engine


to be continued