29th of October,
the Day you buy Pumpkins for Halloween or Samhain

Bought myself a funny little pumplin and brought it home today

As usual I brought it to the workshop and first task, change all fluids. 525Sticker is a fake btw.
The bike stood over a year at my Landlords Dealership and the oil looked acordingly
the oil screens were fine, no debris
the two filters removed
and casing cleaned out
chain guard aluminium surround had to go, no good if it bends. Without is better
unfortunately the front rim has cracked
so has the rear, but no biggy, my Landlord has plenty more wheels
nasty little crack this is
workshop is getting full now. Have to stop buying bikes .... :-(
All cleaned, maintained and ready to go.
except for the wheels that is. Btw. it is a 450EXC MY2004

06 November 2011

AsI surely will have to pull the bike out of awkward situations I set about to fit some rescue straps
Front and rear. I used an old tie down strap I had lying around
same as I used on the Rally, where it cam handy hundreds of times
I first tried to fit it so it would run over the seat too
This way it would sit in front of the exhaust mount and would hold a bit better
needed to get it thru the rear plastics. But it didn't fit well with the washers and screws
so slipped it a bit backwards. Easier to get the plastics off this way and the wasgers wouldn't foul the seat or even damage the seat
The front strap will be secured with these two screws
like so ...
nice and easy to reach in case I get stuck in a ditch

26 November 2011

While waiting for the wheels to get new rims I installed neoprene Socks on the fork legs to protect the old Oilseals

04 December 2011

Finally got the wheels back. New Rim on Front and complete new wheel on back
It needs a new Brake Disc though, but I had a spare one ;-)
to position the gear lever a bit higher a little gap needs to be put in

the gap is to avoid contact with the chain when switching gears up
and yes, a new chain & sprocket set is on order ......

11 December 2011

Just back from the 2011 Edition of the Nikolausrally in France. Friend of mine brought with him a few things I had ordered in Germany and which had been posted to his Address. New Front Mask, Lamp and Fender
New Tank Scoops
New Rear Plastics
Looks close to brand new again
Should make it easy to get it road registered again. After that the old scruffy Plastics will go back on

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