19 August 2011

Lucky Luke advertised his '98 Adventure for sale with a busted engine.
I was intrigued as I need a road legal bike registered in Switzerland in order to borrow the licence plates if I want to ride the Rally.
So I contacted him.
He made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so jumped in the Landy to collect today.
The engine problem is no big issue, I still have a fully working Lc4 Engine in Wales which I will collect in September :-)

Here she is, beautifully maintained with loads of extras. Thank you Luke.
In order to get it in the Landy I first needed the rear to come down a bit
so put a tie strap on and pulled her hard into the springs
the side stand did foul the main stand a bit if pulled down so far in the springs
released a bit and it worked
then pushed her in a bit till she could rest on the motor guard
and removed the front wheel and fork legs
I did practice this on the Rally the other week.

ready to bring her home ....

pictures courtesy of Luke Aeberhard

20 August 2011

NIce to look at
Low Front Fender. Luke will hate me but I will swap it with a high one
Very neat idea!
newly coated original spring
Touratech GPS Mount. Up for grabs
modified Air box
clean as a whistle
Rally Seat
Engine is just bolted together. Emphasis on the 'bolted' ;-)
101045 real Kilometres. An impressive count that is.
Naked Bike
Very naked bike
the extras
Dellorto Carb will be swapped with a Keihin FRCR39
My collection
and from the shiny side
Mother and daughter
all my wheels

02 September 2011

Task for today is remove the busted engine

the screws holding the sump guard were seized up, had to take out the engine mounting bolt
Drain Plug Magnet had large metal bits on it

Exhaust system. Will keep the silencer and swap the front with a later Model 2004
The 2004 has a larger diameter and this heavy pot in the middle can go in the bin
New Oil filter in place to keep the Oil Reservoir clean
looks like cider, it is coolant, don't drink it ...
Fan connector
Engine Harness
Engine Harness
Temp Gauge Sensor
Front Engine Mount removed

Pulled the swing arm bolt and out the engine comes

quite familiar look by now. The e-start Lc4 Engine is significantly heavier than the Kick Start Model
I will keep the Engine together for now until the other engine is in place, in case I need to check cabling or other bits.

13. September 2011

Back in Wales, need to pull the engine

Was quite quick. Helps if you know what you do .... ;-)

Need to paint the floor...
Gave the engine a quick clean and replaced the oil filter while it was easy access

21 September 2011

Back in Switzerland, all is prepared
Was in in a jiffy. Connecting everything will take a bit longer.
New Front Fender, and the hydro clutch has no mirror mount
But have a another clutch reservoir lying here, so quick swap
Exhaust on, all plumped in, water in, Oil in
Carburetor got a quick clean
Tank on and .....
Battery was a bit on the weak side. Let's charge her up and fire her up on Saturday

24 September 2011

First tried the Mikuni TM42 as I had the fitting throttle cables, but it won't start with this one
So fell back on the Keihin FCR39. Needed to make up an adaptor to fit the Air box rubber hose on it.
I used an old carb mounting rubber. Not ideal but works for now

made rookie mistake. When the frame oil reservoir didn't fill up I checked the banjo bolts and found that instead of the restricted Bolt (Marked with 150)a normal one was installed. Put in the one from the old engine, now all is good.
Runs very well, except the clutch does not disengage properly. Will need readjusting
And it needs a new tyre on the rear
ready to get new shoes ...

16 October 2011

Time for the annual Travel Enduro Meeting in Niedersolbach Germany. I met up with Elke and Sergej in Pforzheim. I carried the bike on the back of the Landy up there, to much boring Autobahn
Nearly there, but we needed a break, especially my bike as the exhaust kept slipping off the cylinder.
First time that it isn't raining on the Niedersolbach Weekend. Not used to it ;-)
Once we'd arrived I gave the exhaust a little bit of attention
Help and good tips were quickly at hand ....
Pretty, ey?
botched it with Gun Gum Exhaust repair ....
On the way back it lasted a good 10 minutes ... :-( But hey it is a KTM it runs fine without a tight exhaust
On the way up to Pforzheim the bike slipped a bit on the carrier and pushed the quarter light in.
Back home it took 10 minutes to get it back in. Thanks to my neighbours toolkit that is ...
Nest on the shopping list is the tool to put in the filler in the window seals ...
Left over from the gun gum
cleaned it off
added a second exhaust spring and put in a new seal. This should now hold a bit longer
Torsten brought a FCR39MX to Lc4 Adaptor to Niedersolbach
This is been glued in place with gap filling epoxy
He also brought me one of the special Air box Frames to adapt the box to different
Ride conditions. You can put a gaze frame or a normal one on there
the normal one
Starter motor is a bit tired
good to have a spare
carbon brushes were a bit deteriorated
not pretty
Carb and adaptor in place
Put on the original Exhaust for the MOT on the 27th. Carb needs adjusting and all will be good.

08 January 2012

Put new Brake Disc on

April 2012

So the first few test runs were on Sardinia
And a tour through the Swiss and French Jurassic Alps, cooking the Brakes :-(
Starter Motor Maintenance
Ordered a Kit for €27.- in Germany. It comes complete with all the parts you see here
Bearing and Oilseal swap
New carbon brush assembly and rubber Ring
Fiddly boo and everything is back together. Works like new
And changing the Breakfluid front ...
and rear ...

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